Golf Training Mat


The Proven Way To Improve Your Golf Swing

Is your swing not improving despite countless hours of practice? Are you looking to have more confidence on the golf course?

Our NEW Golf Training Mat is here to mold you into the best golfer on the course. It’s portable nature and visual aid design combine to allow you to work on your form, giving you a more accurate and consistent swing. Dominate on the course with ease!

Trusted By Many Happy Australians

Our Golf Training Mat is intent on being your premier golf training aid. Recommended by golf professionals around the world, this mat’s train anywhere functionality makes it a fundamental addition to your golf bag. 

Join many Happy Australian Customers developing their swing through the use of the Golf Training Mat.

Benefits Of Our Golf Training Mat

✅ Save $1000’s On Golf Lessons

✅ Never Feel Nervous Teeing Off Again

✅ Improve Your Swing Tenfold

✅ Develop Your Muscle Memory

✅ Correct Poor Form Instantly 

✅ Gain More Enjoyment From The Game

✅ Train Anywhere, Anytime 

✅ Australian Owned & Operated

✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Instant Feedback On Your Swing

Our Golf Training Mat is the ultimate silent partner for your game. Whether it’s a shank, toe, fat, thin, hook or slice, our mat will give you the feedback you need to perfect your swing on the spot. Your mates won’t know what hit them next time you hit the course!

Get Better, Faster!

Golf lessons can cost between $150 and $300 per session. For many Australians, this proves to be time consuming, costly and improvement is achieved at an unsatisfying slow rate. 

The beauty of our Golf Training Mat is that it gives you 100% flexibility on when and where you want to train. Simply lay the mat down, smack in the pegs and swing for the fences! You will be amazed seeing your improvement rate accelerate at an unreal pace!

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading Home Supplies store, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND

What's Included In Our Product

  • 1 x Mat 50x25cm
  • 4 x Floor Spike
  • 1 x Loop Hook
  • 1 x Velcro Stickers
  • 3 x PU Practice Golf Balls

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